About Us








Stony Creek Medical was established in response to a need expressed by the medical community for a more personal, supportive experience while choosing compression therapy products. We assist medical professionals in prescribing treatment for patients who are looking for a return to an active lifestyle while recovering from a medical condition.


Our dedicated professionals provide you with personal
service in choosing products that help you pursue life
with energy and enthusiasm. Our staff has 35+ years
of experience, providing expertise in care and education
for individuals experiencing lymphedema, chronic
insufficiency, and wound care. Our staff will provide a
fitting experience that is personalized; ensuring correct
compression and fit. We also educate our customers in
proper care and use of our products.
At our store you will find compression therapy products 
including stockings, wraps and pumps. We feature brands
such as Sigvaris, Lymphedivas, Ames Walker and Medi.
Coming soon, you will find Lucy's Boutique: a special set of 
products and expert information to support you in recovery
from cancer. Our goal is to help you navigate through
cancer-related side effects in the areas of appearance,
nutrition, and overall well-being.