AIROS 6 Arm Plus Sleeve

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Ease of use meets effective post-mastectomy lymphedema therapy with the AIROS® Arm Plus garment product line. AIROS Medical’s 6-chamber Arm Plus garment treats lymphedema present in the arm, shoulder, and one side of the back, chest, and torso.

When used with the AIROS 6 Sequential Compression Device, the Arm Plus garment provides targeted compression therapy to assist lymphatic drainage.

The garments are available in both left and right models, and in two different colors, and various sizes. Included in the packaging are three (3) garment extension pieces to ensure proper fitting for any patient.

Billing & Reimbursement

All 6-chamber garments are reimbursed by Medicare and commercial insurance.

Designed for Compliance

The Arm Plus garments feature padding on the neck area and back side, as well as a high-quality hook-and-loop fastener system that make it easy for patients to apply and remove the garments. Most patients can apply the Arm Plus garments by themselves, and this easy of operation drives compliance and better outcomes.

6-Chamber Models

  • 6-Chamber Arm Plus Left, Model 6-APL01 (Left Arm/Shoulder, Gray Color)
  • 6-Chamber Arm Plus Right, Model 6-APR01 (Right Arm/Shoulder, Gray Color)
  • 6-Chamber Arm Plus Pink Left, Model 6-APLP01 (Left Arm/Shoulder, White/Pink Color)
  • 6-Chamber Arm Plus Pink Right, Model 6-APRP01 (Right Arm/Shoulder, White/Pink Color)